A beautiful Instrumental.

2 months ago

  Original Song: Song: Aazhiyile Mukkulikkum Movie Dhaam Dhoom (2008) Music: Harris Jayaraj


Doing work with passion is not as effective as doing a work naturally. Passion may wither and go. But doing…

3 months ago

PPC TIps – Phrase match Campaigns for “Google ADS” campaigns

Even if you are running a Phrase match campaign, Always try to research on using Audiences (Preferably "combined audience"). On…

4 months ago

The Incest WOrld

Sperm donations and children that was delivered through such donors will lead to huge genetic diseases in future due to…

4 months ago

Thoughts & Existence

What We do are nothing but an outcome of a series of thoughts. This outcome is called as a decision.…

4 months ago


We should not be kind, caring expecting that people should respect us in return. Kindness, caring and being responsible to…

5 months ago

Hope – Part 2

Part 2 - Hope   Continuation from Part 1 here  Nowadays children are hesitant to look after their own #parents…

5 months ago

The unique Lies

Its funny seeing HR's/Founders asking "what makes you unique" in most of the #linkedin #remote #digitalmarketing & #SEO jobs that I apply. The question should be…

5 months ago

Black hat SEO Tips

#blackhattips If you are a newbie and are willing to learn #SEO do not google/youtube straight away. Start by creating…

8 months ago

Planning your Growth Strategy

A successful growth strategy depends on a successful customer marketing strategy. In one of my previous experience in a #matchmaking compnay…

8 months ago