Lush UK Quits Social Media


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I refuse to clients I consult with to stop spending money on social media particularly if they are new to the business.

Its useless and meaningless to spend money on #facebook for getting likes on #facebook by promoting on #facebook. I generally ask, who are you promoting with your money? #facebook page on #facebook promoting #facebook users to get like on #facebook page.

Instead spend money on building your brand.

Its your hard earned money and your product.

Spend them on marketplace sites if yours is a product.

Spend on building relationships directly with your customers through your site if its a #membership business.

Do not spend money to gain followers on social media sites like #facebook or #instagram. Your page ultimately is owned by these companies. Let the followers/likes increase naturally as you spend on your brand and gaining visitors to your actual website. This is what will last. One day the social media sites can vanish like #orkut, but your business is yours until you decide to quit.

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