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The Incest WOrld

Sperm donations and children that was delivered through such donors will lead to huge genetic diseases in future due to incest relationships between brothers and sisters in future.     We were more advanced 600 years...

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We should not be kind, caring expecting that people should respect us in return. Kindness, caring and being responsible to the society should be a natural character . Many Media glorified Saints show their kindness on photo ops....

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Hope – Part 2

Part 2 – Hope   Continuation from Part 1 here  Nowadays children are hesitant to look after their own #parents and leave them in oldage or they live in a country faraway and the parents are forced to live in a senior...

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The unique Lies

Its funny seeing HR’s/Founders asking “what makes you unique” in most of the #linkedin #remote #digitalmarketing & #SEO jobs that I apply. The question should be “what makes you unique for this...

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