Collective Intelligence to planetary scales

One of my very close friend quoted a page ->

Interesting thought experiment that i read over the weekend. This paper extends the concept of collective intelligence to planetary scales arguing if planets by themselves could be an intelligent entity.

Would love to see if there are more interesting thought experiments. Thoughts like these can hopefully help get our way out to find answers to most complex questions that we have.

My answer was:
I have always wondered, If humans, a collection of atoms can have intelligence, why not planets which by itself is also a collection of atoms? What if the collective intelligence of micro particles that constitute the atoms is the prime source of human intelligence where humans wrongly identifies this intelligence to their body which in fact does not exist and is just a collection of micro particles?

A question posted by a Member of a Facebook Advaita Vedanta Group:

If you believe in past life, What and when was our first life and what and who were we before our 1st life ??
The experience thst you mention is simular to the deep sleep state.
Who were we in deep sleep state.
Only after we wake up we understand thst we were in deep sleep. But in deep sleep state what were we?
This state of coming to life every day is called nithyapralaya as the deepsleep state is considered similar to death.

The Resulting Comment
Sarathy C Sadagopan : Well in that stage ,perhaps we dint have any Karma , then why we got our 1st life ?

We talk about Karma only during the waking state and we are simply not thre in the deep sleep state. And then we wake up and then understand that we got a life again.
What caused this life to us every day? That same cause is responsible for our first life.


Both the Above answers are related. In Ramayana, (Rama and Sri Dasarathar was greatest Advaitee, Dasarathar was a Jnani (Self realized)), When Sri Rama’s dust from his feet touched a stone, It came to life as Ahalya


This has connection with the above article shared by my friend.

Every thing in this universe has life/intelligence including our Mother Earth, Planets, Sun, Air, Moon (navagrahas) as per our Ancient philosophies like Dvaita/Advaita/Vishishtadvaita etc.

Every thing that we see in our life are nothing but thoughts of somebody. Just like We are the thoughts of our parents everything is just a thought As per Advaita. The body that we see is nothing but a collection of Atoms.  The body that we see as ours will not be seen when seen from a powerful microscopic lens. What we will see is nothing but just a collection of atoms seen through a cell of this body. If we as a human can have intelligence, every planet and every thing in this universe can have intelligence , because, everything in this universe is nothing but atoms. What we percieve as intelligence is an outcome of our attachments towards the body which in itself is nothing but a collection of atoms and does not exist as a whole as per Advaita philosophy (Based on my understanding of Sri Ramana’s Who am I)



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