Don’t Promote Your Services in Your Blog Posts

Your blog must not be your marketing pitch. You should only post helpful content on your blog. If your content is helpful, The customer will surely find a way to connect with you. For this you can have a live chat bot setup on your blog, which can say,Hey do you like the above post? Want to know More, Chat with our experts or you can have a phone number visible on the top of the page.

I. Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your Services in Your Blog Posts:
It’s essential to remember that your blog should be focused on providing helpful content for your readers, not a platform for promotional material. If you include a conclusion paragraph that’s essentially a marketing pitch for your services, Googlebot might view it as marketing content and not give it a ranking boost. This may (I don‘t know for sure) affect the ranking of that content. If I view that content as agooglebot , I will surely consider this as amarketing pitch/Content and will not give a ranking boost.

Your blog should be helpful and informative, not a way to direct people to your services. If your content is genuinely helpful, customers will find a way to connect with you. You can also set up a live chatbot on your blog that can direct people to your services when they’re ready.

II. What You Can Do Instead:
Instead of including promotional material in your blog posts, you can include helpful information and direct people to other helpful blog posts. You can also make sure that the contact information for your services is clearly visible to customers. This way, they can reach out to you when they feel ready.

Ultimately, it’s essential to ensure that your blog content remains helpful and informative. Including promotional material in your blog posts will only convert your helpful content into a marketing pitch. By following the tips we’ve outlined above, you can make sure your blog remains focused on helpful content. Ensure Your helpful content remains a helpful content rather than becoming a marketing pitch/content. 

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