Exclude Mobile Apps from Google Ads

Google Ads allows small businesses to target potential customers with the help of ads. 
However, it is important to consider placement strategies when using Google Ads, as showing ads on Mobile Apps can be
 particularly costly, without necessarily driving more sales. 

To avoid wasting money on Mobile Apps, businesses can use the codemobileappcategory::69500 
to make sure their ads are removed from all Mobile Apps. This will help them save money, as Mobile Apps tend to be less effective for driving sales than other placements. 

Dont waste Money if you are a small business and advertises on Google Ads.
Use this code to remove your ads from being shown on all Mobile Apps.THe code is:

code to remove apps "google ads"

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Exclude Mobile Apps on Google Ads
remove mobile apps from google ads

Exclude Mobile Apps on Google Ads


Now your ads will not show on Mobile APPs


Save your money


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