Fixing the Japanese Keyword Hack on Your Site

This guide is about a type of hack that you might find on your website. It’s called the Japanese Keyword Hack, and it’s sneaky. It involves creating pages with gibberish Japanese text on your site. The hacker will make money from these pages by adding affiliate links to stores selling fake merchandise. They might also add themselves as a property owner in Search Console to make more money from your site.

If you think your site has been hacked, start by looking at the Security Issues tool in Search Console. You can also look through Google Search results for your site. Look out for weird pages with gibberish text. When you click on these pages, you might be redirected to another site, or you might see a page full of gibberish.

To fix the hack, back up your site and then delete any newly created accounts in Search Console. Make sure to check your .htaccess file as well. This is a special file used by hackers to redirect people or create spammy pages. Once you’ve done that, make sure to reinstall your core files and check for any malicious files. Finally, use the Fetch as Google tool to see if your site is clean.

To prevent getting hacked again, scan your computer for viruses, change your passwords, use two-factor authentication, and update your CMS, plugins, extensions and modules. You can also subscribe to a security service to monitor your site.

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