Fake reviews are reviews written by someone who has never used the product. This is in fact illegal but remains prevalent. Why? I have no clue. Fake reviews are bad news. They are the reason some worthless products are the best selling products on Amazon. These reviews are posted by the company selling the product or by people they pay to post positive reviews. They are a waste of time. If you fall for them, you will be wasting your money as well.

It is estimated that almost 50% of all reviews you read online are fake. These reviews are placed on review websites such as Amazon.com or Yelp.com or Google Business Listing page. A good way to tell real customer experience from fake customer reviews is to read the reviews other customers have left. You can also look at the number of reviews the customer has left in total. A customer will only leave reviews on items they have truly used. If a customer has left 50 reviews in the last year, it is likely they have left them all on products they have used. This is the best way to ensure fake reviews are not left.

sarathy Changed status to publish April 2, 2022