Well, when it comes to measuring success in SEO, I can tell you I’ve got a method that works pretty darn well. It’s not the most scientific approach but if you’re looking for something simple and effective then this is your guy talking!

First of all, you need to set yourself some targets. You know what kind of results you wanna see so why not make ’em into measurable goals? That way you’ll be able to track your progress throughout the process and see just how far you’ve come once everything has been said and done. Plus, it helps give ya an extra burst of motivation if nothing else – who doesn’t love seeing those nice little numbers going up?!

Next step is tracking yer analytics. This bit’s gotta be consistent or else there ain’t no point in doing it at all. Keep an eye on where people are coming from, how long they’re staying fo’, any clicks throughs, etc.. All that data is gonna help inform your strategies moving forward as well as highlight areas for improvement too. Once again, don’t forget about setting regular benchmarks either; that way you can really get a feel for how successful (or unsuccessful) things have been over time!

So there ya go – two easy steps to measure SEO success without getting lost down the rabbit hole of metrics and KPIs (no one needs more headaches!). Just remember: keep the targets realistic, track yer analytics religiously and before long you’ll start seeing those sweet rewards rollin’ right in!

sarathy Changed status to publish February 14, 2023