We all know that feeling when we have to deliver a sales pitch and the pressure is on – it can be daunting! So, what tips can I use to maintain self-confidence in difficult situations? Well, first of all, let’s take some deep breaths. It sounds simple but this really helps reduce stress levels and allows us to focus our energy into making an effective presentation. Secondly, practice makes perfect. Developing your confidence comes with preparation; so make sure you rehearse beforehand and get familiar with any questions or objections that may arise during the conversation. Finally, give yourself credit where credit is due – don’t forget how far you’ve come already! Remind yourself of successes from previous pitches and opportunities where you overcame obstacles. Remember that even if things don’t go as planned at least you gave it your best shot! Self-assurance requires effort, determination and charm which are key components for unlocking sales success.

sarathy Changed status to publish March 16, 2023