Tell me your HR, I will tell about your company

tell me your friends i will tell who you are – Old Saying
Tell me your HR, I will tell about your company – Corporate Saying
  • If you are able to get a good HR who argues with you on the need to increase the headcount, Then He/She is a good HR
  • If your HR agrees with your requirement and starts headhunting just because you have said so, Then he is a Good HR for the job, But bad HR for the growth of the company.
A best HR is one who thinks on behalf of the company (neither for the management, nor for the employees). A company’s growth does not depend on the head count. Head counts are artificially inflated by the staffs mostly so that it looks good on his resume (He can show that he mangaged X number of employees).
Head count is also artificially inflated so that the employee can show that there is huge work pressure and so his subordinates must be increased.
An HR should be able to identify the needs, He must be able to understand the work process and the need is really “in need” and not artificially inflated by the employees to just show off his work burden or resume. That HR is what a company should value the most.

It would be great to see HR calling and informing candidates. Experienced people do not worry too much about a feedback. But Always inform freshers who apply by calling them and informing about the status to them. This will be a great motivation for them. Discuss about their Plus and minus and why these young graduates failed the interview. That will help them perform better in future interviews.

Thats the difference between a good HR and a bad HR.


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