When being dumb becomes genetic

Education which was mostly through palm leaves passed by ancestors or through guru shishya tradition now moves to robotics where all knowledge is transferred in enabling machines do the work/duty of humans


Mold your child into a better human and not a dumb human.

When knowledge is transferred from one human to another human, the control will always be with humans and also the learning capacity of humans will increase further advancing the knowledge of the humans.

But when machine starts learning and humans transfer their knowledge in making machines learn by themselves, it will only mean, humans will stop updating themselves.  The control of these machines will be only a few elites. The learning capability being reduced will lead to dumb humans. This will also have a genetic impact (https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/genetic-memory-how-we-know-things-we-never-learned/).  Dumbness being a genetic trait is dangerous to humanity.

Though automation can never be avoided, people must be aware of them and their children and their children becoming dumb. They must accept that they are dumb than their own parents.

Before calculators were invented, people’s mind calculating power was more than it is now after the invention of calculators.

Avoid being dumb. Send your children compulsorily to a chess class or teach them traditional games in your country. Compulsorily put them in Music and art class. Instead of exposing your child to stupid movies, expose them to instrumental music like Veena, violin at an young age. Dont put them useless english rhymes, let them hear ancient indian music and instrumental music.  This will improve your child’s thinking power. Dont be proud sharing your baby’s picture watching stupid movies. Be proud in your child hearing traditional indian music or instrumental music.  Mold your child into a better human and not a dumb human.


Compulsorily send your children to carnatic classes or hindustani classes or any arts/tradtional music/instrumental classes and save them from becoming a dumb human.

The future is not going to be a terminator movie where humans become intelligent. The future is going to be like a idiocracy movie.

Dont create Dumb Humans.


Dont teach #nursery rhymes to kids at home. We give fees to a separate institution called School for that.

Teach them Moral science,  Introduce them to Arts, music & Creativity at an young age.

Thats the real duty of a parent.

Else, they will become another dumb human due to automation.

““We therefore hypothesize that musical training (but not necessarily passive listening to music) affects attention and memory, which provides a mechanism whereby musical training might lead to better learning across a number of domains,” Trainor said.


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