AI Companies in India are run on Outdated Thinking:

In India, Everyone talks about #AI, but only few knows about AI.

#AI boosting employee productivity is a myth. Its like saying “calculators increased human intelligence”

All these innovations enable productivity through little to no human intervention.

AI can never be avoided. But it wont enable human performance. It is aimed at removing human intervention through automation. All low to mid skilled tasks anyways have no need for humans and must be replaced by machines.

But sugar coating that it boosts employee productivity is stupid. The truth is that they are aimed at replacing humans
In India #innovations rarely happens and that too with AI, one needs a separate R&D teams. This wont happen in India as most companies rarely have a R&D team to identify a need in Industry and how AI can solve such needs.
All AI focused Companies are also run on outdated ideas failing to understand a need and create a solution around it.



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