Office Conflict & Politics – How to face them?

Employees who are slighted by co-workers are more likely to embrace “eye for an eye” than “turning the other cheek,” according to research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.


Turning the other cheek?  Will anyone be that stupid to show other cheek?

Most of office politics will be a group behavior. If one employee is affected due to office politics, he will most likely join a group of other workers who are also affected.

There will be many of such groups in many companies. A group intelligence will be different to that of individual intelligence.

One must also take into account, what triggered a response towards that individual who was affected.

It may either be due to:
His bad performance
His bad attitude


It may be due to:
Him being talented than his superiors
The superior thought of hiring his favorite candidate , but this person got through the interview

There is nothing wrong in fighting back, but one has to do it sensibly:

Stop showing your other cheek
Stop being silent and tolerating everything for the job


Analyse what would be the reason for the problem. Most likely you might be unfit for the job. Do a self analysis. Do not think that your job is the most toughest job in the world. Everything can be replaced by robots. Your job can even be done by a 10th standard kid (if you are in IT). Hence you are not ir-replaceable. In these cases, try upgrading your knowledge. Sit with your superior and talk in a transparent way as to what caused the problem,.

If you are really talented, but your superior has a grudge on you, Arrange a meeting with your HR and discuss about it. If nothing ends in a positive note, just quit. Its no use in working under a bad boss. Neither you, nor the company will be benefited.


Tit for Tat is not wrong.

Revenge is sweet, but it should not be physicial or it should not be focused on destroying the enemy.

It should be focused on living well before the person who ruined your life.

It should be focused on helping those who are affected by the same person like yours.



Moral: Do not throw #shit on others just because you are full of it.  Also do not glorify your #shit. Just get better and save others from being filled with shit.

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