Calling all SEOs, what are your opinions on: (A Linkedin Topic by Daniel Foley Carter of Assertive )

My opinions on this SEO Post  to this on the Linkedin Thread (Created by Daniel Foley Carter of Assertive )

1. EMD’s are devalued:
I still recommend. Infact long back in 2009 I booked a full fledged 350 exact match domains targetting every community in my country(Highly relevant and meaninful) for my ex-company.. This gave them a huge boost in SEO and also gave meaningful match making content for the company as each community got their own specific and meaningful matchmaking site. So it depends on your strategy. Even now, EMD will help in getting you a better CTR and can very well be used on PPC also. In fact this SEO – Link building idea of Mines was intelligently converted into a business model by the Founder under the brand name . In fact I suggested the company to buy the EMD for its Own Home brand ( when they went for IPO.

2. Google has gotten much better at detecting link spam and blog networks:

Yes. But still, Its own organic results are crap when compared to the 2009 2010 days.

3. Negative SEO isn’t as prevalent or effective

These junks are simply ignored.

4. Location pages still work

It still works in better conversion. Instead of a junk location page, try making it interactive ,by adding video footages, live interaction with the shop staffs, interview with the staffs etc.

5. Keyword placement in titles doesn’t matter

It still is effective. But give importance to meaningful title than junk stuffing.

6. Google knowledge graph data is useful/important

I never used this.

7. Citations help cement brand locality

This still helps. Try adding geotags also on images.

8. Over-optimisation is prevalent

Yes. Many focus on SEO and not producing relevant content. The strategy is only revolved Keeping Google in mind which is useless.

9. There is no such thing as “SEO copywriting” or the terminology is wrong

It is still there and can be seen on all the crap articles being written in the name of SEO focussed Blog. All these shits are just rewritten articles and are mostly crap. Always hire industry experts to your blog if you can afford. If you cannot, then get involved in this work and try to give references to your copy writers.  You know better about your business than some junk SEO copywriters. So it is your responsibility to get the most out of them. Use them for their writing, But the brain/creative juice must flow from you. Always remember, you can not outsource key aspects of your business and just believe that you will rank well on google just because you have outsourced this to some third party writers.

10. Internal link anchor consistency is important.

Many will say yes. Many will quote look at sites like wikipedia. Ignore this in my opinion.  Focus on meaningful linking . Linking that helps the customers and not on creating junk link wheels.

11. Cannibalisation is a massive problem for huge volumes of sites on the web

I will not accept with this. When your strategy is right , it will always work. For example : In one of my ex-company, the prime keyword to focus was -> Matrimony (See the results here)  and we never suffered. It was hugely helpful. Google is not a baby like it was 16 years ago. It can understand based on various factors.

12. Naked anchors and full “page title” based anchors are a much safer bet (in context with good quality link acquisition)

13. Google RankBrain is adopting MORE data based on user interaction and will continue to do so

I never cared about it and their results are JUNK as compared to their own Ads. So the algorithm that they should use for their search results should be the machine learning technology that is used for their “Google ads” than this junk.

14. Crawl & canonical directives are used at Googlebots own discretion
I never looked into the crawl data. I always took care of the canonical tags.

15. Guest post specialists are annoying and create half the spam on the internet

The most crap vomits come from these gurus. Never hire a guru who is not an industry expert.

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