Beware of SEO Scamsters

How to #rank Small websites on search engines?

You can’t – That is the truth.

Reason: You are not alone. You will be having “n” number of competitors in your niche. Unless yours is a unique niche, you can never rank your small website/new business on search engines.

Do not believe any scams like these:

Junk Emails that you get that will promise you “rankings”. Instantly after you book a domain name, you will get emails from these scammers.

Junk Email with a Junk software generated PPT’s. Do not rely on these. Do not even open these junk PPT’s. They are utter crap.

#Link Building Scam : Do not buy any link building for your website. They are pure JUNK. It will not work and it will infact harm you. Most of these scamsters will submit your sites to websites that have questionable content.

#Ranking depends on Ideas. Ideas that revolve around creating unique content. This is the only #SEO for the past, present and future.

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