Celebrating Mothers Day, Valentines day is Stupidity!

For those who keeps their mother with them and takes care of them without leaving them in oldage homes, every day is mothers day.
For others , its celebrated by them only through social media so that they can be seen as good and holy.

For corporates all these artificially promoted days are extra business as usual.

People nowadays do not even care for their own mother and father. They are let to die and they visit their dead mother only when they are free and have time to do final rights.

That has become the norm of the day.

The life that  brought them up are made to suffer in oldage homes and die as an orphan.

But these cruel monsters just celebrate these stupid days so that they can get rid of their guilt.

All these “fake days”, All the religions are created to make a man Guilt free, so that he can continue doing sins and then wash his guilt by celebrating these days or by repenting towards their religion.


Every day is a mothers day for a man/woman who lives with his mother and takes care of her during her oldage and being by her side till her death.



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