Thoughts lead to actions, Actions creates reactions, Action & Reactions create change, Change Creates time!

Care must be taken when implementing a process in a company. Process creates habit and habits are hard to overcome.

Change management is not to change everything that was functioning properly in a company.

Change management is the process that should be implemented in upgrading an employee’s skills.

Employees who are in the comfort zone will refuse to upgrade as they will always give a tired look to their bosses on their non existent work pressure.

Hence Before implementing a process & change management in your office:

Create a list of employees that give a tired look.

Create a list of employees that complains of work pressure.

Create a list of employees that work late hours.

Create a list of employees that tries to hide away from visibility most of the time.

Most of a company’s problems exist in the above segment and I am sure the above segment might constitute 80% of employee workforce (

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Sit with them and try to understand their skills.

Talk to them about their interests and passions.

Give them a chance to chase their passions.

Give them the tools that are required to chase their passions.

Then try to implement process.

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