Dealing with Office Politics

Quotes of Saint Ramana and Applying it in Work:

What is called happiness is only svarūpa [the ‘own form’ or actual nature] of ātmā [self]; happiness and ātma-svarūpa [our own actual self] are not different. Ātma-sukha [the happiness of self] alone exists; that alone is real. Happiness is not obtained from any of the objects of the world. We think that happiness is obtained from them because of our lack of discrimination.

(From ‘Nāṉ Yār?’ [Who am I?], Par. 14)

The above can be applied in work too. When stress affects you, do not get carried away by stress. Stress is natural and will never leave us. Do not Try altering the situation around us to our benefits. We cant alter the situation, but we can alter our thinking to align with the Situation around us.

Our thoughts is in Our control. But the Situation around us is not in our control. Situation again, is just a collection of thoughts of Many people. In short all of them are just thoughts.

When we alter our thoughts, everything gets right.

Do not get stressed and fall towards doom.

Change your thoughts to align with the Situation around You

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