Is thought a Language?

What is a language?

Language Translation & Interpretation:

Is it the Brain that understands a language or the Mind that uses the information stored in the brain to understand a language?

If Mind a bundle of thoughts with the root thought being “I am the body” (Advaitic philosopy), This first thought would be in which language? Will it be the mother tongue? If its the mother tongue, The thought evenly applies to everyone including people born with disabiilty of speach and hearing. So language is not the identifier here as , challenged people wont be aware of any language until they are introduced to sign language. So the question

Who understands a language?

Is it the brain? or

Is it the Mind that uses memories saved in the brain to process information and translate.

Is language connected/mapped by the mind through the five senses right from being in the mothers womb?

As per Indian philosophies, The first thought that comes to a mind is “I am” the body.

This thought need not be a language. Thoughts are interpreted internally and externally. Internally thoughts are interpreted using native language or other languages including sign languages. Externally thoughts are interpreted through sounds, expressions and other mediums.

So language must only be a medium that is used by the mind to communicate its thoughts. Mind as per Indian philosophies are just a bundle of thoughts with the first thought being “I am” the body.

So A thought is not a language. Thought is often (not always) expressed via a language

Thoughts are common to all living beings irrespective of language. Even basic single celled organisms develops antibiotic resistance to fight death. Even this might be a natural thought.

So thoughts prevades languages.

Thought is what that shapes the world.

Its the thought that created the languages.

Good and bad thoughts are byproducts of the first thought “I am” that “I am”

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