Employees should become Emprepreneur

Companies like Google Apple Amazon Cognizant HCL Infosystems Ltd. Zoho Corporation and other big companies must be open to start an emprepreneur initiative.

Many Employees invest on junk entertainments like Pub, smoking, junk foods etc. Some invest on insurance and real estate which is Ok. But many try to divert their money on smoking, alcohol and other junk useless items.

This is meaningless. Instead,Giant companies like these must come forward and encourage employees to form in group and create a fund through which they can identify and invest their money that they waste on junk entertainments in startups. This fund can be created and all the money that the employees waste can go into such funds. This also grooms a sense of responsibility on the employees. Instead of wasting money on junk drinks, cigartettes which might amount to thousands of rupees, such money can be invested by them in the funds.

If a company has 1 lakh employees, They can be split into groups of 100 people or less.

The company should start a lab that invites ideas from founders who need seed funding.

These small investors who created their fund can identify, discuss and invest in startups that needs funding.

The company can offer mentorship, training and leadership to such small time founders.

If the product becomes successful, The entire employees get huge benefit which will be more than that of the insignificant entertainment that they get from such junk activities. Their family will also be happy with the extra cash, if the startups succeed.

The Indian government must come forward and make such investments from employees – Tax free.

Why not employees team together , Put out the money they waste on insurance and create a fund, so that they can invest on worthy startups that they feel as good.

If 100 employees team together and starts a fund, the average investment on junk life threatening entertainment per year per employee , If assumed to be 1 lakh, The fund base would be valued at 1 crore.

This can be invested in a good startup idea with mentorship from the company which can get stakes for such mentorships.

Lets innovate together.


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