Honesty & Leadership

Many gives different explanation for leadership.


I have only one explanation:

A leader is the one who creates more leaders.

A leader inspires his subordinates.

A Good leader is proud of his honesty.

His honesty will be so huge that people who interacts with him mistakes his pride of honesty as a pride of Ego.

A honest leader is always branded by people who are normal and less honest as someone who has ego, pride and attitude.

A honest leader will never worry about what others say about him. When assigned a task, He forgets other things and gives his full focus on that task.

Subordinates will love to work under such leader.

They will be inspired to become future leaders.

A leader will work in such a way that, even his absence the company will never be affected. He will set things perfectly right for the company to operate even under his absence.

A good leader is hard to find.

Find the right leader for your company, Your company will take care of itself!


In One sentence, A manager manages, A leader creates more leaders.


Be a #leader in your #job , Your #career will take care of itself

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