Give one example (if any) of a situation you believe #seo would not work for a client/business….

Came across the above question on linkedin here
My answer:
Your client is a real estate builder.
He hires you for SEO and you bring leads through your SEO Efforts.
But the client still cancels your contract saying you bring Junk leads.
In truth what would have happened:
The leads might be truly junk
The leads might not have been handled properly by the respective teams (Presales/sales etc) , but the client is unable to understand/inspect the area where a problem is.

#seo¬†would not work for a client/business when he does not understand your work and does not try to analyze where the problem is before blaming the “Top of the funnel” as problematic.

This happens mostly in cases where the client is mostly attached to his brand and firmly believes that people will buy his product blindly (irrespective of the price) because of his brand name. They will never be able to accept that their product/price/positioning is the cause of problem even if you give them with proper data.

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