How to Forget bad memories?

Would forgetting things that has impacted us solve any problems?
My views:
To forget is natural process if not reminded frequently. Reminding frequently of an incident is a quality of the mind. A mind’s nature is to remind things that has affected its lifestyle in a positive or negative way. Things that has no impact in a mind or that which are the natural process of the body will not be reminded frequently. For example, we brush everyday and so the mind will not remind it. But one day, If we forgot to brush and went for an important meeting and got shamed due to people complaining about our bad breath. This will be reminded by the mind till we die.
Because, it had a negative impact and has affected the ego.

“Ego” getting affected by the mind in a negative way lasts forever because it is reminded forever.
To get rid of this “reminder” is tough because, the mind has to get rid of giving importance to the body that it is clinging to.

For that it has to divert its attention from the body to the heart. This is not an easy job.

So instead of trying to forget an incident (Which indirectly means you are reminding about it everyday), ignore an incident and its impact on you. Just carry on with your life

Trying to forget only means you are continuing to remember.

We remember only those incidents that had positive or negative impact on our life.  Its not easy to forget such things. In fact, every time we think of forgetting those incidents, we only remind them again and again.

What has affected us or those around us whom we love the most can/will never be forgotten by us.

To overcome such incidents is not easy. Because, those characters who created that impact on us will be seen by us every day either “in person” or it will be run by the mind like a movie.

Mind always tries to take revenge for the wrongs that has been done to us. Mind does not sees forgetfulness as a solution for a negative impact that has affected us or those whom we love.

The best solution is to understand:
“That which has to happen will happen. We can’t do anything to change things that are predecided to happen in a chain of events. The universal cycle has pre-decided everything once it started its motion.  Nothing can be done to stop things that are about to happen.”

When we understand this, We get a calmness. We are only pawns in the grand movement of the universe. We move along with the universe.  Everyone moves along with us. Movement causes friction. The friction can be mental or Physical. Both these friction can never be stopped as the movement is universal.

In this case, We have 2 options:

  1. To react
  2. To watch.

To watch the movement means we are not being the part of the universal movement. Watching puts us outside this dangerous universal cycle. To reach puts us in the movement as every reaction or action leads to friction.

To watch as a third person puts us out of this cycle which means “No friction”.

Instead of trying to forget, Just watch that which is happening to us and around us. With constant trying, we will slowly lose our attachments towards things. This will lead us to live with satisfaction , because now we will not have vengeance, we will not have anger.


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