How to Reestablish Communication with Prospects Who Give You the Silent Treatment

Most of the times the leads that we secure through our digital marketing efforts goes unanswered when called by the tel-callers. There are instances when a lead matures into a prospect and visits the site and selects their dream apartment. But on subsequent days, all calls by the salesmen goes unanswered. The prospects simply goes into silent mode. Does it mean a lost sale?
Try till the truth is learnt should be the motto. Here the truth would be a dropped sale or some issue on the side of prospect that made him to go into silent mode.

Why is learning the truth so important?

1.When a potential customer ceases to converse with you, it can evoke confusion in respect to your selling capabilities and put you in an uncertain situation.

2. You can amplify your sales effectiveness and diminish your strain level. After you comprehend the truth about your customer‘s circumstances, you can either remain involved with the customer or move on. I frequently verbalize,Ano is almost as advantageous as ayes.’ Why? Since it gives you more room to discover customers who are a better fit with your solution. This allows you to work significantly more effectively as you can rapidly single out customers who are not ready to purchase. Getting the customer‘s truth lets you go without that guiltfilled voice murmuring,If you give up, you don‘t have what it takes.” Understanding your customer‘s truth transforms into tangible outcomes that are equivalent to true dollars. You will also put an end to the selfdamaging tension that comes from living insilent treatment limbo.

3. Avoid sales pressure -. When we take action and send emails and make calls to those who have chosen to give us the silent treatment, it communicates to them that we are adamant in progressing the sales process. This creates a feeling of suspicion and their instinct is to distance from us.

4. Thesilent treatment” — totally discontinuing interaction — is how prospects safeguard themselves from sales weight when they don’t experience the ill effects of revealing to us their reality. The more we pressurize, the more they escape.

How to Reopen Communication:

Now that you understand why prospects may use the silent treatment, it’s time to think about how to get them talking again. The key is to call the prospect and take responsibility for any mistakes you may have made.

Start by apologizing for the lack of communication and reassure them that you understand if they’ve decided to move forward with someone else. Let them know that you’re not calling to move things forward, but instead to see if they have any feedback that could help you improve for next time.

This approach will make prospects feel safe and comfortable enough to tell you the truth about their situation. You may even learn that there were legitimate reasons for their lack of communication.

By responding to the silent treatment in this way, you’ll increase your efficiency and lower your stress levels. You’ll also be more productive, your income will increase, and you’ll enjoy the work more.

Remember, you haven’t lost the sale. You just don’t know the truth yet. So, next time a prospect stops communicating with you, don’t panic – just call them and learn the truth.


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