The Ill-Fated Reality of the Bossy Approach Existing in the Place of Employment.

It makes me very sad to think that many employers still think that it is acceptable to treat their employees as shit. Recently, I had a discussion with a HR consultant who asked me if Iam comfortable with being shouted at in the workplace. This question made me realize that mob boss mentalityis still existing in many circles.

The Devastating Effects of Having a Yelling Boss
The effects of a boss who shouts and belittles their employees can be absolutely disastrous. Employees may become scared to share their thoughts or make mistakes due to the consistent browbeating. This can lead to a workplace that is unwilling to take risks and is essentially void of any motivation or productivity.

Furthermore, staff may become resentful and begin looking for other employment opportunities. This leads to an extremely accelerated turnover rate and at the same time a definite plunge in the motivation of personnel. In addition, customers may also become aware of the toxic environment and choose to do their business elsewhere.

The Advantages of Possessing Emotional Intelligence
For any business to be a successful, it is very important that its employees feel encouraged, respected, given importance and felt valued. This is exactly when emotional intelligence comes in. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to distinguish and direct emotions.

An employer with emotional intelligence is capable of acknowledging their employees’ feelings and responding in a considerate and understanding manner. This can give a workplace ambiance where representatives feel safe in communicating their musings and committing errors without dread of discipline.

Trust and esteem between employer and employee can prompt expanded drive, effectiveness, and dedication from clients. This kind of common regard and trust between chief and worker will result in expanded inspiration, profitability, and client unwaveringness.

The Conclusion
Ultimately, an employer’s behaviour can have a large impact on the success of a business. A boss who relies on shouting and belittling their employees often produces a toxic work environment, resulting in reduced productivity, enthusiasm, and customer loyalty.

Conversely, an employer who is emotionally intelligent and appreciates their staff’s input, while treating them with respect, cultivates a positive atmosphere in the workplace, which will lead to higher motivation, innovation, and customer loyalty. It’s as simple as that.

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