Landing page Optimization Tips – Learn from Google Series

What Google Tells about how a Landing page should be?
Learn from google Series:
There are many landing page builders like Instapage , Unbounce Etc.,But do you know, Google also offers you an instant landing page which looks cool and loads fast extracting data/elements from your GMB local business page. I believe that Google spends millions of dollars on research on its Google ads and its AI is advanced and optimized for conversion. So we can believe that this Landing page generated by Smart campaigns may work well if you follow the same process for your landing page also.

The landing page generated by google will look cool. Load faster

If we look at any of the landing pages generated by Google smart campaign system – Say for example the landing page of my recent client –

1)Slider on top with all the photos uploaded on your GMB
2)Business Name. The Verified symbol gives trust.
3)Location, hours of operation and Rating
4)Call for action elements (On Left – Click to call and on right – Directions, Contact us form).
5) About us info
6)Again some call for action elements (Phone, contact us etc)
7) Location map
8)Address, direction , Click to call
9) Photos
10) Recent posts on GMB
11) Services
12) Reviews
13) On scroll or any light box popups, The header becomes fixed with a call for action

Hence we need 13 Elements to makeup a Successful landing page.

Google Ads for sure knows better than many of us and so, Am sure it will work well for you too.

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How to get a landing page generated by Google smart campaign for free?

If you are a local business and have a GMB and Even if you do not Run Google ads,


Follow these steps:


Create a Google ads Account

Create a Smart Campaign

Use your local business and let google create a landing page for you.

The landing page will look like:<yourbusinessname/<yourbusinessidgeneratedbygoogle>/_/

Your landing page generated for free by google will be of the format “….” and end with an Underscore (_)

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