Loyalty, Ideas & Work

Thinking about giving an Idea to your company ? – Be careful & read this:

Do not have loyalty towards a company. Its an imaginary entity. All that you offer in the thought of loyalty is seen as a work done by you for salary. But Be 100% loyal to your work.

If a company wants you to work only for salary, Just work for salary. Give all ideas related to your work for the salary and be honest to your work and the money that you get as salary.

But be careful when you give ideas. Ideas related to your work must be given by you as you get salary for it. But ideas outside your work & ideas that help the company grow MUST not be given for free.
A company always sees you only as an employee & so they automatically assume that all that you offer is for salary. But be clear when you give ideas.
There are two types of ideas:
a) Work Related – You are bound to give as you get salary for this.
b) Outside of your work: Get stakes for this.

But do not give any ideas outside of your work free in the hope that the company will take care of you. A company is founded by humans just like you and me. It always will want to extract the work from you in the name of loyalty.

Be Loyal to your work, But get stakes boldly when you give ideas outside of your work.

Keep in mind that, Your Idea will always be seen as a part of your work in a company that does not know to differentiate between work, growth & Strategy. Many Indian companies will not be able to differentiate this. So they will never know to value your contribution. The max that the founder will say is “Thank you” and you can neverĀ  blame them. People in India including myself are from poor background. We are raised to fight for food than fight for luxury. In these cases, these founders do not understand the value of an idea that helps them scale up their business. Instead they see the money that is paid to the employees and always compares what an employee did with the money he gets as salary.

But you as an employee must know that, Ideas help grow a business. You must always understand that – All work related ideas must be given by you as a loyal employee towards that work. Understand that , your company pays you salary for that. This salary is what feeds your family.

But at the same time, Ideas that are outside of your work and ideas that helps the company scale up and grow successfully must be compensated through bonus, stakes etc. Indian companies won’t offer you this. The founders will see this as a part of the job. Its your duty to document it, tell them that you will be needing stakes for giving and implementing such idea. If you feel shy, If you feel that my company will take care of me, You are none other than an educated fool who will be branded as an egoist when you repel after getting nothing from the company and thrown out of that company.


Don’t be shy
Be loyal to your work.
Give ideas related to your work.
All ideas outside of your work – document it, share it for stakes.




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