Nothingness & the Universe

In maths, we try to answer a problem by assuming the answer to be “X” and then deriving a conclusion based on that assumption.

What If:

Entire atoms (matter) in this universe suddenly disappears?

 If everything suddenly disappears, What would be there? There are only 2 propabilities:


2)Something??? (anything that is not present in the current universe ….:  matter, antimatter, particles, waves etc)

If nothinig is there, what made the particles to appear suddenly out of nothing?

If something is there, is this something – god that created everything? What is the need for something to create everything? Is it the job of this something?

 What if this something is the Mind? and not god?

What if we experience this disappearance every day in our deep sleep?

Isn’t it funny that we experience the disappearance of everything in our deep sleep and the only reason everything seems to appear is because of our mind after we wake up?

So who is the creator of everything?

When we think/assume “Everything disappears suddenly”, the mind still assumes that there is nothing. Then who is the creator?

What is called the world is only thought. –> Ramana Maharshi

(Inspired by: Sri Ramana Maharishi)

When a problem arise, there are 2 types of solution. A standard one. A different one. Both has to be analysed in order to derive a solution.

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