Loyalty – We are not dogs

Never push your loyal people to the point where they don’t care –
This is the most stupid statement i ever read

If they don’t care, then they are not really loyal
If they still care, then it does not matter who “push” them.

If you are loyal and someone gives you trouble at work, complete your pending jobs and quit.

No company gives salary for your loyalty, they give salary only for your work.

Dont spoil your health by thinking about it always and taking it to your heart.


We are not dogs to have blind loyalty.

Be loyal to your family

Be loyal to your work and job.

Be loyal to those who helped you when you are in need.

Do not show blind loyalty towards anyone, We are not dogs


A company that expects loyalty from its employees is a company that wont be loyal to its share holders.

A company is a virtual entity that is bound to be loyal to its share holders.
But a company cannot expect loyalty from its employees. Because, by hiring an employee it is not helping him for him to be loyal. He is hired so that he can help the company to be profitable.
So a company must be loyal to its employees and shareholders.
But an employee must only be loyal to his work. Because, it is the work that pays him salary.

Be loyal to your work, Eagerly finish the work that you took willingly or as a part of your job. There is no need to be loyal to the company as you are not a dog and the company did not do a favor to you. Just be 100% honest towards your work.


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