“Marketers Set Sail on Seas of Change in Twenty Twenty-Three”

Oh what a world of wonders there be here,
Where marketers their strategies can devise
To reach their goals in the coming year
And to their customers a way to entice

For data, research, and competitor analysis
Will help inform the plan and its direction
To better understand the current state of affairs
And identify what could be an infection

The objectives of the business must be clear
Then the plan can become more specific
To understand where the gaps may lie
That the strategy can then be robust and realistic

And don’t forget the external factors too
That can add to the challenge or change the rules
From economic shifts to the latest legislation
It’s important to consider these, not be a fool

The strategy then must be set in stone
And objectives written, clear and strong
So that the team can then set to work
And to each of them their tasks belong

So in twenty twenty-three be ready
Be agile, be adaptable, and not too headstrong
For when you set your plans in motion
You’ll be ready to sail the seas, however long.



Idea behind the Featured Image:

The idea is to create a layout that conveys the idea of marketers strategizing for the coming year and how they must be agile and adaptable to be successful. The colors should be bold and vibrant to emphasize the importance of the task at hand. The camera angle should be top-down to show the complexity of the task and the amount of data and analysis that goes into it. The quality should be sharp and crisp to show the detail that goes into creating a successful strategy. The environment should be busy and energetic to show the hustle and bustle of the strategy being put together. The mood should be optimistic and determined to emphasize the need for the team to stay focused and be successful in their venture.

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