Mind & Matter

I am always amazed by philosophies and love reading various philosophies. The most impacted philosophy as I am concerned was with the Advaitic philosophy.

Generally people following advaitic philosophy often understand wrongly that “Everything arise out of brahman”. This is very wrong.

As per advaitic philosophy, Nothing arise and nothing gets destroyed.

Just like when Darkness disappears, Light alone exists, When our “Mind” disappears, That which exists is Brahman. But Mind does not arise out of Brahman.

Being is nothing but a word that says “I” being attached to a body.
Becoming is nothing but shredding of this very “I” thought.
From being to becoming, implies, “I” thought going away (Disappears just like Darkness disappears on light)
For this to happen, One needs Vairagya.
An advaitic Saint once said
Vairagya happens naturally just like a dead leaf falling off from a tree without any effort from the tree or the leaf, vairagya happens without any effort for a ripe advaitee.

To whom Vairagya Happens Naturally?
It is for those who have crossed many ladders in life through Honesty and a dharmic way of life.

Hence Advaita is not for everybody!

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