Client Bashing By SEO’s – My Opinion on a Linked Post by ? Jon Dunn

The below is my response to an Experienced SEO Professional Jon Dunn ‘s post here “SEO’s, please stop with the endless client bashing…”
Exactly! The client pays so that they can concentrate on their business, else they would be doing #SEO by themselves. No point in complaining. Its the duty of an SEO to educate the client.
Often .., Giving Fake promises leads to over expectation and Under delivery.

SEO/PPC both needs budget for experimentation. But this is not taken into account when giving an estimate by many agencies. So they do not do the creative stuffs because of the fear of losing the client due to over spending.

Particularly on Google PPC , I have seen, 25% budget on experimentation gives more results., Often 50% of sales comes from a successful experimentation. Such exprerimintation helped me gather leads which lead to a sale of 10 Luxury units (in my previous company) which was unsold for around 8 years.
I have seen many who gives fake promise to clients just to take an order , control the domain name of the client by registering it in their name, Control the hosting and when the client wants to move out, Threaten them / overcharge them.

Unconventional Ideas
Clarity in explaining things to Clients
Telling them clearly on what you do

is what drives results.,

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