Singapore abolishes school exam rankings, says learning is not competition

Singapore abolishes school exam rankings, says learning is not competition – Just read this news via Dr Aniruddha Malpani ‘s Post.

I see many #montessori schools removing rankings. This is a very bad practice in my opinion. There is no need to compare one child with another child. But at the same time, every parent would be interested to know their child’s development with respect to what is taught in the school.
These Indian montessori schools do not conduct tests or exams. Maybe their methodology is different.
But the #montessori children surely suffers to write once they reach their 6th standard.
Lack of exams make the children to become lazy and they fail to prepare for the worst/best.

Personally I feel,
Removing ranking also have negative impact. Children does not have the yearning to achieve.
Ranking system helps understand the postives and negatives of a child and take necessary steps.

Even if the ranking system is abolished, Atleast have regular tests and show the performance of the students to their parents. Lack of tests make the child unable to revise what is taught in schools.

They just forget what is taught when the term gets over. This is a very serious issue.
A #school must have:
Moral Studies
Environmental studies
Behavioral studies
Till the 5th Std

A school is not to study. If its to study, then it is a study center.
A school is not to get marks. If it is to get marks, its not a school, but a tution center.
A school is not to complete 12th standard successfully.

A school is to Learn
A school is to obey
A school is to behave
A school is to teach
A school is to respect

Moral science and a country’s native education, education about its Kings and holymen must be made compulsory in schools.
Invaders history must not be given importance.

A school’s duty is to make the Children to respect others, behave well, value our environment, value our elders, think on their own leading to innovation.

Our ancient history, scriptures, writings on the walls of ancient structures must be digitized. Only then the Indian government can proudly say it focuses on digital India.

Revolution must happen from our education system.

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