How to Handle Toxic work culture

There are no toxic work culture, There are toxic people.

Who are the toxic people?

If you see toxic people around you, there is a saying, you get what you deserve. Maybe We ourselves are toxic and so we are surrounded by toxic People?

Maybe changing our attitude and #character might change the situation around us.

Since we focus everything on the belief that “We are basically good”, we always tend to find fault in others.

Sometimes, there are chances that , we are ourselves bad and toxic, but our mind tends to ignore that. This is because, we are raised like that.

Our parents see us as a golden #child. They raise us as someone who is gifted by god to them. Because of this, they never pinpoint our mistakes. They themselves see only the goodness in us & the good deeds done by us. They ignore the evil character within us right from #childhood.

Because of this, We are raised like we are #noble and so ignore all the badness in us. Just like our mind ignores our bad breath, body odor unless someone points it to us (Because, for the mind, we are pure and good, so nothing bad will emit /come out of us), Our mind ignores all the evil things in Us.
This is the reason that we see toxicity around us , but not in us.


How to remove Toxicity in Us?

Regret is essential. Good bad and worst, best alone are not the days for a human.
Humans generally tend to do evil things too that affects others, like gossiping, spreading bad information, blindly sharing/liking a meme that insults the character of someone who might actually be good and many othe misdeeds. These misdeeds wont give experience alone.
Regret, Repentance, is essential to correct a person.
Along with Regret, A person must take responsibility for his action. He must be bold enough to take responsibility and face the affected party (not god) and ask sorry and compensate for his actions. Only then his regret will become his good day.

So Every day a man should regret for his misdeeds,
Be thankful for what he got which many others are not so fortunate to get

Happiness, Experience , Lessons and memories are all satisfying the ego.But Regret, Thankfulness, Asking sorry, not gossiping about others, not blindly sharing/liking a post that brings down the character of someone satisfies the “Self”
Satisfy your “Self”, the ego will automatically get Satisfied.


Lets correct us and our”self” will shineforth!

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