The Missing link in Sales

SEO is not just about optimizing for search engines.

Its beyond that.

Paid media is not just about getting leads. Its beyond that.

An Example:

A recent company that i was involved with suffered from lack of sales (They Extremely efficient Sales team). Bringing quality leads did not solve the problem. Sales of around 7 luxury units was not happening for more than 8 years.

Used various methods to bring leads (A small note – AMP page worked well for Google ads).

Now the point is:

You are not an efficient Digital marketer, If you are not able to find the “Missing link”

Sometimes, you might get good leads. You might be an efficient SEO/Digital marketer.

You might have the best sales team that can sell hair oil products to bald men like me.

But it is useless if you are unable to identify why the lead is not converting to sales.

For that You must take ownership of your process and finding the gaps in your process. The missing link is Finding the gaps in your process.

You Bring Lead >> It enters the funnel.

Most marketers stops here.

The best marketer goes till the final level in the funnel — “Sales” and analyze the process of all the teams and how they handle the lead that he brings.

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