To fight is our nature

The most greatest war in human history is not world war 1 or world war 2.

Its us being born in this world.,

The greatest war is us fighting with million other sperms to reach the egg

Fighting with millions of sperms so that we can get the body that we are using is the biggest war .

So “to fight” is our nature. For what “we fight”? We dont know. This is also our nature. The warlords believe in controlling the masses for which they initiate fights between nations.

“To control” is a key in all happenings around us. Water sources being converted into sewage is a part of the control system. By controlling “water sources”, can water be sold to the masses. Charging money for water will be followed by charging money for air.

Humans are victims of “control” for thousands of years. We are controlled by “idealogy”, “religion” and many other ways. “To control” is to streamline our thoughts. Every idealogy/religion/or any centralised organisation will try to streamline our thoughts in allignment with that respective idealogy. This will make it possible for the idealogy to dictate “what to think”, “what to eat”, “what to speak”, “what to dress”. The “what to” and “how to” will mostly be dictated/controlled by an idealogy/religion.

To fight & to control is the basic human nature. The underlying reason for fight & control is “Greed”. Does sperms have greed? Greed might be a natural process imprinted on a living cell. Greed is the outcome of survival instinct. So the basic essence of life is “To survive”. In that case, Even Virus has life as it multiplies on connecting with host.

But from where the will “to survive” for any living being arise? Nobody knows.

This beautiful song touches some part of life.

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