Dont be a zombie

People choose what they like

AI tries to guess what we like

Marketer tries to make us like what he sell

Journalists tries to influence on what we should like/dislike

Businessmen tries to sell what we like

Advertisements tries to push what we may like

There are agencies in association with bureaucrats, healthcare agencies will stop what you like (example :Good health oils like coconut oil are projected as something bad for health) and influence you to consume refined junk oils.

In the end what we #like or #dislike is not what we really like/dislike. But might be influenced by third parties.

Collective influence plays a bigger part in defining a persons taste, allignment and social/personal behavior. A person influenced by something will have these behavior:

Identical behavior : For example; He will behave just like the group of people who are influenced by the same idealogy/thoughts/celebrity etc. These people’s┬ábehavior will resemble a group of zombies walking in a movie.

  1. They will talk what they are taught to be talked,
  2. They will like what they are taught to be liked,

Wrong influence: Collective influence wrongly influence the people. For example: Skinny Models being banned in Catwalk. (The industry has long been accused of promoting unattainable beauty ideals that are harmful both to models and those who try and emulate them.

Negative energy: Since they talk what they have been influenced to talk, this create a negative energy around them who are unwilling to accept their ideas.

Herd Mentality: Collective influence grooms herd mentality in people. This is when people loose their rational thinking. Those who call themselves as rational too falls under the same category.

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