80% Indian graduates Unemployable

There is a saying,

You can’t wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep

  1. The same can be said to the corporate world. The work culture in many corporate particularly in countries like India is pretty sick.
  2. There is an absolute lack of trust in the employees.
  3. There is an absolute lack of freedom amongst the employees.
  4. They install a process because they have to convince their clients.
  5. There is an unnecessary hierarchy where the bottom line staff who would work the most has to report to several heads.
  6. The pity is many will be doing repetitive tasks which will soon be moving towards automation which will make them jobless.
  7. Time trackers that adds extra burden to employees.

There is also another horror story like this:

[contentcards url=”https://www.businessinsider.in/engineers-in-india-lack-the-right-job-skills-including-artificial-intelligence-and-machine-learning-report/articleshow/68516807.cms”]

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Most of these employees would be handling a single page for the past 4 to 10 years and for this they will be giving a reporting to their superiors and expecting an appraisal hike projecting their achievements on this single page.

The employees are always ready to work as far as India is concerned. But the Indian education system which is to be blamed for all the current unemployable situation and not the employees.

The Indian education system which is influenced on a failed evil socialist idealogy never teaches about:

The native Indian Kings who fought against the invaders – This made the Indians think that Indian kings are bad and by default they are taught that democracy is the best.

The invaders are glorified – No country glorifies the invaders like the Indian education system. This implants slavery in the mindset of the young Indians. This makes them afraid to try new things. They join a course believing that they will get a job only if they do that course. All engineering colleges are built only offering courses. These colleges are built upon mostly taking over rivers that were the source of water for many Indians.

Now Automation is taking over. All these employees who were already unemployable will now lose out to automation which can do all their work more effectively and without complain.

The only solution is :

  • The parents should be more aware. They should understand that Indian education system is a failure and will never change irrespective of the governments.
  • Parents should teach about our Native Indian kings regularly to their children.
  • Compulsorily put your children to arts and creativity classess. These classes are more important than the history that they are reading in school. Remember that the history that is studied in school is not to make your child intelligent. It is framed in such a way that your child loves to be controlled.
  • Compulsorily join them in carnatic, hindustani and native music/bharatanatyam classes.
  • Make them learn languages. More languages = more chances of them surviving in this world.
  • Teach them moral science.
  • Only this is the solution for the future Indians who will face stiff competition from Automation


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