This too will pass

I had a great trust on one of my close relative. I went to the extent of giving him upto 1 lakh dollars by getting loans from banks and sourcing from friends. I even gave jewels including the mangal sutra of my wife so that he will succeed.

The funds as usual like any Indian businessmen was used inappropriately. Most of the funds went into rent of factory that was empty for 12 to 16 months with no activity.

  • When banks started putting pressure on me, I started abusing him through whatsapp, sending audio messages and abuses through whatsapp and phone. This ungrateful guy whom I helped and even mortgaged my wife’s jewels, my son’s jewels and my wife’s mangalsutra, instead of trying to sit with me and understand my situation (I am already without job and no revenue source and unable to manage my family and also his loan burden) simply diverted and tried to escape saying, because I abused him, he will not repay me all my dues. I supported him with unlimited cash for nearly 2 years whenever He asked blindly and he never had the gratefulness nor had a moral responsibility.
  • I started having depression and was unable to bear the loan pressure, joblessness due to my own startup initiatives etc., But later in recent times, I learnt:
  • Its my health that is getting spoilt due to helping ungrateful people.
  • People use you when they need help, then they start reverting their problems on you as an escape route.
  • Helping those who dont deserve help is no use.
  • Abuse leads you nowhere. Because, the person who has decided to cheat .
  • Its not him cheating you, Its you who is the reason for getting cheated. The reason being, helping undeserving candidates.

If you are cheated, its you who got cheated and others are not responsible. Dont blame others.  I got reminded of the famous quote “This too will pass” and now have decided not to blame anyone for my problems. I simply forgave that relative who cheated me and decided to face my problems along with the loan burden that he put on me.

I will fight!

I will win!

I will repay all my dues.


This too will pass

Moral of the story: Never help an undeserving candidate.


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