What is self?

They say in all motivation quotes:

Change yourself, be yourself

These quotes are all wrong

What is your and what is self?




What is this self? Who knows about it? No-one knows. But still we say it ourselves.

At subconscious level everyone are aware of their self.

We know that the self is the substratum of all beings.

But during our waking state, We believe that we are separate from the self. But the truth is We are not. This is the reason we associate everything with the self.

Self is everything and nothing is separate from the self.

Our subconscious mind knows about it. This is the reason we use the terms





Reminds me of the Quote of Rumi:

“Time moves. I am still.
The body moves. I am still.
The mind moves. I am still.
She dies. I am still.
He dies. I am still.
I die. I am still.
Yes, still.
I still

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