Automation Leads to Dumb Humans

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Artificial intelligence, robotic automation are not here to make our lives easier. They are not here to make us intelligent.

They are here to remove human workforce and the barriers that come with hiring a human.

Likewise Automation does not make us Advanced species. Actually its a part of devolution of humans and not human evolution.

The point is, dont devolve, even if automation can never be avoided, try lateral thinking. See to that your lateral thinking is not lost. Always make your kids to play #chess rather allowing them to play #Pubg.

The future #Humans will not be like what we see on #terminator movie where people will be brilliant and advanced and have the ability to time travel.

The future #humans will surely be like what we see on #Idiocracy movie where humans would have devolved to a dumb species who does not even know about basic planting. Already this is happening. I see both teenage girl/boy child not even knowing the names of many fruits and vegetables. They cant even distinguish pepper from jeera

The future of humans will be one big dumb race due to their dependancy on #automationand coupled with freebie #socialism which will make them lazy, dumb and stupid.

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Before calculator was invented, many humans were good at doing mind calculation. But now, this ability has disappeared for most of us. Even for most basic calculation we depend on machines.

Another Example:

Before Grinding machines were invented, many women and men were healthy because of grinding powder/paste/masala on non electrical/electronic machines. Now we are always dependent on electrical/electronic machines even for basic grinding needs.

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