Do not donate someones food and hardwork.

My opinion on the above video:


Good guy changed life of a lady by giving meal owned by a guy projected as the bad guy who was doing his business

The lady agrees that good guy changed her life because of the free meal she got from the good guy.
So she gave him a job
But still the meal that helped her during hunger righttully is owned by the guy projected as bad. So she must give him stakes in her business which is what gratitude really means.
Instead she showed her true business mindset.
She hired someone who took another owners food to help a stranger like her without paying money to the owner for the food he took.
The truth is , as long as the waiter does not pay for the food he took from the restaurant owned by the boss, it amounts to stealing. You cant steal and give food to a homeless to show yourself as a kind.
Do not donate someones food and hardwork.
Earn your food and donate that which is earned by you
The owner as well, I agree that he maybe a liar and cheat.
But still, the waiter must get permission from the owner for the food which is owned by the owner.
Also, the lady too in that short film is now above the owner and without her business, he will not be in business. So she is now in the top chain. She is in the top chain because of the food that is owned by the owner.
But now, she without any gratitude have fired the owner of his services which he completely rely on her company.
At the same time, The waiter who is a polite person is hired because, she might get good loyalty from him and also her company can get some extra advertisement which will increase her brand’s goodwill.
Even the Homeless lady is an opportunist who took the waiter as her employee, because she knew that he would turn out to be a loyal employee as he got help at a desperate moment.
The waiter took something that does not belong to him and gave it away to strangers.
The owner here was strict to the waiter. Maybe its because, he did not request the owner to help. His business depends fully on the food he sells.
The true hero who was the reason behind a homeless lady to grow into an entrepreneur due to his stolen food got all the bad negatives is none other than the poor restaurant owner.
Teach Kids to donate from their own money so that they do not turn up to steal in the company that they work is the lesson to be learnt from this video. Any act of kindness must be from our own pockets and not taking away the hardwork/food of another person.

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