So Strong in SEO? Why not use it?

Many people ask SEO’s , If you are so strong in “SEO” , why don’t you rank your site – first page in google.
Its not a valid question to ask. Its like asking a doctor, Why are you working in a hospital? Why not run your own clinic. Most SEO’s give free suggestions and still face such questions from CEO’s even after getting free suggestions. Lesson: Never give valid ideas to invalid people.

Stupidity knows no bounds to these kind of people. Its also similar to ask a chartered accountant, Why are you working in a BPO, when you can start your own practice.

Every SEO loves to have his own startup. I have a AI based concept which I would love to launch. But Money matters everywhere. Many does not love to start black hat spammy junk sites. Many of us wants to launch a valid startup and many has great ideas.
But ideas alone are not enough. Being a domain broker, I could have booked many domains when I was with this awesome matchmaking company. But I gave a idea that involved buying 300 Plus domains for the company for 2 reasons, One being loyalty & 2, I did not have the money to do it myself.

So in the end, Whatever ideas you might have, some can be bootstrapped, some can be done through coding if the business involves having a coder as a main resource.

For Example, though I run my own site , I do not optimize it for my own SEO. Because I do not care. But at the same time, I have a cool idea which I would like to establish into a business. This idea is AI based and needs good amount of funding. The idea competes with many established competitors like

I am not also afraid of investing in a good idea. I invested 1 lakh dollar in a relative’s business and burnt all the money and still paying interest.

So its stupid to ask someone, If you are good in SEO, why not have your own startup. Some likes to have a startup in services segment. SEO is a services segment. I am more interested in establishing a product business which is the reason, I am not putting efforts in establing my SEO services business. If I love being in SEO services business doing services for clients, I for sure would have optimized my site to become a brand of its own. But I am not interested in Offering SEO services.

So everyone have their own reason for doing this and not that. Stop asking why this, why not that. Its silly.  If you, who is not related to this field have the intelligence to ask that, We being a professional in this very own field, would also have thought about it. We have our own reason for not optimizing our own sites.

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