Philosophy of Life

Life teachings from Hindu Saint – Kanchi Periyava

Live with satisfaction. Nothing is in our hands. Every living being in this world is born for a purpose and duty. Not understanding it is their ignorance. Nothing is in our control. Even our body is not in our control.

Even our body will not obey and function as per our orders. Leave aside the body, even our hair is not in our control. The hair turning white/grey, going bald etc are not liked by anyone, but can we control our hair falling off and going bald?

Do we know what happens inside our body? No, We dont. Even the food that we ate is not digested by us. Digestion happens naturally without our control.
Do we control and run the heart, liver, pancreas, kidney? No! If even our body is not in our command and control, how can we expect that everything that happens around us and in this world is in our control. Thinking like this is ignorance.

Does rain shower happen after our command? Does the trees grow after getting our approval? Is this world in our control?
Are the planets, stars and their gravitational force controlled by us? Nothing is in our control

Everything including our body and our own hair is not in our control. The Lord of All Things did not even let our hair in our control. Everything is controlled by a superior force. The same force that takes care of us will also take care of everything.

So stop worrying and be quiet. Thing “I am the doer” is of no use.

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