Steve Jobs: good people don’t need to be managed.

Steve Jobs: good people don’t need to be managed.

Just came across this Quote by “Steve Jobs” while reading one of Oleg Vishnepolsky post.

My view on this:


Everybody are not Steve Jobs, Else there would have been lot of Apple.

Management is essential. Finding Good people who have no need to be managed is something that can be done only by a visionary. Steve Jobs is a Visionary. So he was able to find good people. Not everyone can be Steve Jobs. So its always usual to follow the usual process of Hiring, Finding the right candidate, Building relationship with him, Finding his talent and loyalty towards his work and then giving him the freedom.

Trust is important. But trusting blindly is equal to putting mud on our own head.

Noone can be trusted blindly. Every human has a basic instinct – To survive , To settle, To wait for an opportunity that will allow him to get settled. A person who puts forth his loyalty first when he gets an opportunity to betray the organization is the one who can be trusted blindly.

But this won’t happen in an organization. Because, An organization is a virtual entity. Many will not have an emotional connect with an organization. An organization is seen through the eyes of the leaders who run it.

So how do you find good people?

For that:

The leaders of an organization must be good.

Such leaders should be able to see the goodness in people.

Such leaders should be visionaries who can see a person beyond what he has posted about him in his Resume.

Leadership is all about finding and grooming more leaders.

A good leader finds the goodness in his subordinate future leaders.

So to be able to find good people who can manage themselves – The organization Must find GOOD LEADERS


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