Importance of Research & Development

The future of #job and #matrimony sites in India looks dull. All these would lose out to love marriages and professional networking.

The job market is filled with people who love to help like Oleg Vishnepolsky and many other kind people on professional networking sites like LinkedIn

So, unless these companies identify a scaling up / branching out model , it will be a tough run for them in my opinion.

Branching out is important for any business that needs to sustain and diversify its revenue opportunities. The Indian online market mostly have big players in Job, matrimony while Indian grown Zoho Corporation is a global company.

Companies diversify through ideas coming from their R&D team, blind investment, External startup pitches etc. Indian companies mostly do not have R&D team in their company. Rather they try to blindly invest or branch out based on the decision of the “key” people in the management.

Apple spends about $8 billion a year on R&D, a lower portion of revenues as Apple earns so much money. Amazon invest about $10 billion a year – which puts this investment at about 10 percent of revenues. A reasonable benchmark for R&D companies for tech companies seems to be about 10 percent of revenues



The sad state of Indian patents. Lets hope that more patents comes out of India and more companies invest on R&D. Another important negative aspect is Indians do not want to give credit to others which hinders others from working/putting efforts.

Around 2.68 million patent applications were filed worldwide in 2014, up 4.5% from 2013 (figure 1). Driving that strong growth were filings in China, which received 103,000 of the 116,100 additional filings and accounted for 89% of total growth, whereas the United States of America (US) contributed 6% of total growth.The 4.5% growth in filings in 2014 is lower than the growth rate in each of the previous four years, which varied between 7% and 10%

China received more applications than Japan and the US combined

Patents (Source: Wikipedia)

Patent grants for the top 10 offices, 2014

Rank Country Patent grants
1  United States 300,678
2  China 233,228
3  Japan 227,142
4  South Korea 129,786
5 European Patent Office 64,608
6  Russia 33,950
7  Canada 23,749
8  Australia 19,304
9  Germany 15,030
10  France 11,889




Industrial designs


Application design counts per million population for the top 10 origins, 2012

Rank Country Application design count
per million population
1  South Korea 1,217
2  Germany 797
3  Turkey 540
4   Switzerland 507
5  China 476
6  Spain 470
7  Austria 447
8  France 348
9  Denmark 333
10  Portugal 295


Industrial design registrations in force for the top 10 offices, 2012

Rank Country Registrations
in force
1  China 1,132,132
2  United States 269,501
3  South Korea 260,107
4  Japan 248,822
5 European Union‘s OHIM 167,145
6  Turkey 72,552
7  Germany 57,089
8  Spain 46,573
9  Australia 46,194
10  United Kingdom 43,072

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