Mahabarata & management

Everyone knows about the Mahabarata mostly through the TV channels.

In mahabharata, Ashvathama character is a highly impactful one followed by Ekalavya. Through Ekalavya’s life, we come to know that
“A guru (Teacher) is not the one who teaches his students, A guru is one who enables the students to learn.”

Both were so powerful that if they had participated in the war with full force, the war would not have been won.

The next impactful character is Arjuna who stood against his own family to save dharma as opposed to karna who stood against dharma to show his gratitude.

Similarly Dronas character talks about Weakness.

In Management, Knowing your strength and weakness alone is not important.
Its important to know the weakness of your competitors.

Lord Krishna analysed the weakness of Dronacharya and found that His son Ashvathama is his weakness and used it against him. Only this lead the Pandavas to victory.

The biggest world war during Mahabarata times was put to an end by lord Krishna, by just knowing the weakness of Dronacharya.

You can be a great businessman, But your business will fail if you fail to analyse the weakness of your competitors.

But almost everyone knows neither their strength nor their weakness.
So focus should be to know our strength and weakness and then try to be outstanding by converting our weakness to strength.

Pandavas Weakness in Mahabharatha war was Drona’s power. Dronas weakness was his Son Ashwathama
Strength is – Krishna knew this weakness and used it against Dronacharya in the war which made the pandavas win the war.

So, You become outstanding by knowing your weakness and strengths and then working out on your weakness by converting it into your strength.

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