What is Passion?

What is passion?
When you do something that is loved by everyone even if its not understood by anyone, its called passion

The below song was a huge hit in India. Everyone of us loved it, but none of us understood it

When a person starts working with passion, he forgets about everything except his work. Time and space becomes immaterial for him. His full focus will only be on the work.

A work done with passion is nothing but meditation. Meditation does not mean mindfulness. Meditation means focusing on one thing with passion. Mind being a bundle of thoughts with itself being a thought. When we focus on one thought (God or work or anything) with passion (or devotion if god) other thoughts disappear. This process is called meditation.  Mindfulness is nothing but an westernised version of “Self enquiry” and very elaborately explained by Sri Ramana Maharishi who claimed that the root thought for creation is the “I” thought and focusing on it will remove all other thoughts.

Such people ignores others comments, others criticisms. Their work will talk for them.

Recently Unbeliever is one such song that has been done with full passion.

Original Version:

Indian Instrumental Version (Tribute)


Lets work with passion and contribute positively to the world and the company that we work with!

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