SEO – Where to Start for beginners

Success of an #SEO depends on how he thinks :

  • Like the customer
  • Like the Product of the customer
  • Like the clients/visitors of the Customer.
  • Feel that you are doing #SEO for your business rather than clients business.
  • Argue with him
  • Argue with his team
  • Put forward your ideas
  • Take ownership of your efforts.

Do not project yourself as a Guru. Project yourself as someone who have analysed the website of the client and also his competitors.

Tell him what the competitor does and where he lacks.

SEO is similar to a music composer who puts the right music for the right story.  Do what is right. If you are confused, Check the competitors and analyze what they have done. It will always be right and will be the best place to start.

Hear music while you analyze. It will increase your productivity.

Start by hearing this music:

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